Membership Benefits

We distribute a weekly newsletter filled with information about events, activities and resources for you and your family.

School & Camp Directories
With more than 90 schools, daycare programs, and camps our directories are the ULTIMATE resource. We even include references.

Website Bulletin Boards
With over 1,200 members you can likely find the answer you need regarding available babysitters, local pediatricians, upcoming events, stroller preferences and more.

Mom’s Night Out
This is how it all began a tradition that continues every month. This one is for Mom’s only, although we do try to invite your significant other a couple of times a year.

New Moms Welcome Breakfast
If you are a new mom or even a mom for the second and third time around, we bring you together with other moms with children of similar ages.

Speakers Series
We will strive to offer a speaker series several times per year where you can learn about relative parenting topics.



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